Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Now that my classes are over I have free time to do other stuff like posting in this blog which I'm convinced no one reads. But who am I kidding; I hardly studied during the semester so I always had free time.
I suppose I can update people on the events of my life, however inconsequential they may be.
I've been golfing incessantly for the past two months and this mainly involves me going to the driving range at around lunch time and attempt to hit small white balls in a straight line. The things we humans do....
Right now I'm at work on my laptop. Just found out they have WiFi capability and I plan to take full advantage of it. I'm in the lunch room sitting next to a large floor-to-ceiling window and outside you can see a large air duct dip down and out of view. Apparently the local pigeons find this duct to be prime real estate so they tend to peck each other off. One bird is teetering on the edge and looking down in an almost suicidal gesture. The wind is blowing up into its wing feathers that billow out and push the bird back. Then it darts down and out of view, undaunted.

Hmmm I'm hungry...