Monday, November 27, 2006

bride of quietness

But must write the words needed
to describe the angles of your face
the curvilinear spaces and to do this
seems so very important and natural.

I tend to misinterpret song lyrics
so bear with me but your face is
so I don't know song-like? like
skein of seagulls? Have you seen

seagulls when the coast on ocean
winds? We've already talked bout
this...It's late and the suns still up.


Anonymous said...

wow brendan... you are so great with words! like promised, i have (and will continue) read your blog. i have a few comments...
1. write more often!
2. let people know you write!
3. get published right now!

everything was so thoughtful and put together!

ps..i love the squirrel fishing!

Brendan said...

awesome thanks congrats your the first to comment in what I hope will turn into a daily event...