Saturday, December 09, 2006

Picked up a Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album today, called The Letting Go. Just begun to listen to the track and I like "love comes to me" and "cursed sleep". Been fascinated with this guy for a while. When I first hurd him it was through a friend Thom who threw me a mix tape. I then got his album Ease Down the Road nad fell in love with his lyrics instantly. "Rich Wife Full of Happiness" and the title track are some good tunes from the album. This new one so far seems promising. I was a little off-put by his Master and Everyone LP but i rolled with the punches. I suppose this is what every good artist must do, ie change and rearrange. It wasn't a while after I heard Will Oldham from Thom that I realized he was in one of my favorite movies when I was growing up, Matewon, a film directed by John Sayles, which among many things, tackled the ideas of community, family, and race, (all big things for sayles) in the context of labor riot in a West Virginian coal mining town. His role in the movie was that of a young, up-and-coming, preacher who happens to be I think the most radiant character of the movie, save Chris Cooper's union rabble-rouser(sic). Oldham had been in other movies as well, a cameo in Junebug, an endearing movie in itself, as well as his first starring feature, Old Joy, which I have yet to see. He is an intriguing person who is impossible to fully grasp in his lyrics. I keep coming back to his songs because they leave so much open and everything is honest.

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