Monday, January 15, 2007

Just just watched Clean, a film by Alberto Assayas. The plot revolves around Emily, an ex-convict ex-druggie widow, who spends most of the movie's time trying to redeem herself in order to reconnect with her estranged son, who has been adopted by his grandparents. The dialogue jumps in and out of triteness, ranging the spectrum from at one end a high school drug awareness episode to actual speech. The plot is simple but endearing, however the ending seems like we've seen it before. Nick Nolte has a distinct style that you are immediately drawn to and the photography is crisp and colorful, the director falling in love with every city the narrative gets lost in. Maggie Cheung, though, is amazing.

The arresting performance of Maggie Cheung makes the movie worth watching and is what made In the Mood for Love such an unbelievable film. She has the quality of a great actress as well as the beauty of a star. We here at Prestography however are unabashedly smitten.

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