Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thirty minute post #1

(ive decided to start a new thing. its called thirty minute posts, a reference of course to the sparkling Rachel Ray. Most people find her irritating like a high-pitched squeal, but to me she is wonderful. I came up with the thirty minute post idea because it took me roughly that much time to write this snip-it during break. As I keep blogging (if i keep blogging), each post will be restricted to an uninterrupted compositional half-hour, mistakes and all. Enjoy!

I woke up around 6:30 am in a hotel room because, unbeknownst to me (funny word, unbeknownst), my mom got me a room, prepaid. She didnt like the idea of me driving through the snow in the middle of the night. She is a good mom. Of course, simply cause I could, I got breakfast with a knock at the door. I opened it and there was a middle aged guy, latin, an equinanminous face, a slim smile. I gave him a big tip because I think people like that. Now food that is served to you from a distant place, say a ground floor kitchen, tastes exceptionally good. I mean what if you were brought grapes that were hand picked from a valley in france and brought straight to your front door? They would be the goddamn best grapes you ever had! And you hate grapes! I sat, eating scrambled eggs, and imagined what it is like for weary salespeople who live out of suitcases, which immediately reminded me of my grandfather. A tire salesman in his early forties, he spent alot of time abroad. I remember him recalling (memory is a weird thing, too) over a scotch how he woke up one moring in a hotel and didnt know where he was. He quit his job soon after and started his own business. This then got me thinking bout Duke Ellington. It was in a documentary; he was seen in his hotel just after waking. He ordered not coffee but just hot water, very interesting. Perhaps drinking hot water is the path to enlightenment and brilliance.


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I love it.

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